Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry late, but Happy 4th Anyway

This years 4th was a bit up and down because of the fact that the kids were to leave for West Virgina with their Dad or at least that was the plan at the start of the day. We got and prepare for the day, the Jungbauer Picnic is a tradition that we have come to enjoy. This is our second year being invited and we have really been looking forward to the "Steaks". Wow, let me tell you, JJ (The senior Jungbauer), can cook steaks like there is no tomorrow. Besides the steaks there are all kinds of food and drinks, swimming, talking, and don't let me forget "pudding wrestling". I had never heard of it either but it is a big deal at the picnic (At least for JJ), seem to be kinda a lukewarm reaction from the crowd. Olivia was able to join us for the day but Julius spent the day with his Dad by choice. She maybe was out of the pool for 30 minutes the whole time we were there (4 hours).

Jennifer and Lana, got to practice for there new adventure. Business. They are the owner and operators of Parti Gras Face Painting. They instantly became a hit of the party and got a lot of practice. Lana's husband (David) and I are in supporting roles for the business. David's got the web page being built and I'm doing the photography.

After the fun of the Jungbauer Picnic we headed home to meet up with the Kid's Dad so that they could leave for West Virgina or so we thought. As the time got later and later, I was getting anxious because I wanted to make it downtown for the fireworks. Jennifer tried to get me to go without her but I didn't want to go if she couldn't. Finally we heard from the Kid's Dad and he decided that he would come on Saturday to get them, so we hurried and went downtown to watch the fireworks. We found a small park off of Michigan St on the near east side that had a great view of the fireworks. I was just able to get the tripod set up when the show started so we barely made it but we did have fun.

I know that I don't have any photo's posted on here from the events but if you click the links it will take you to my FlickR and that is where the pictures are stored this time.


TammyInIndy said...

My ex does that to me all the time. It always, without fail, seems to happen and then we are in a argument. Every holiday it seems he does this. VERY annoying. Just like I was suppose to meet him up near Gary this Saturday in order to get the girls'. Jason got approved to take a personal day to go with me. Then the ex calls me yesterday to ask if he could push it back 1 week. He did exactly what we had known he would do. When he called I said, "Let me guess you want the girls' longer." So my summer with the girls' is pretty well shot. I need to stop being so passive aggressive with him. ~Tammy~

Joy said...

I just looked at your 4th photos. They are so good. I am so proud of you and your pictures.

Ryan Baxter Photography